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What drives me...



My journey of self-discovery started with meditation.

Having, up until recently, worked for close to 15 years as an international lawyer, I found myself wanting to expand my horizons. 

It's not that my law career was lacking. I have been blessed with many incredible opportunities both at top-tier law firms in Canada and in France and at international tribunals in the Netherlands.


But it is my firm conviction that we are all complex and multi-faceted human beings, who mostly thrive when we give ourselves the leeway and breathing room to follow our (at times multiple) passions. That we can all benefit from, when called to do so in our lives, venturing off the beaten path onto the less traveled road. 


While doing my own “inner work,” I became increasingly fascinated by the intricacies of the mind and the things that shape our inner and outer worlds.


I soon found myself awakening to the realisation that – like caterpillars still immersed in our cocoons – we are all operating at just a fraction of our potential.


I began imagining the possibilities and became increasingly convinced that bringing about real change and contributing to the positive force in the world – something that was the heart of my decision to go to law school – starts at the individual level.




By believing sufficiently in ourselves to have the courage to reconnect to our true and authentic essence. All too often, it is kept well hidden under all the years and layers of social conditioning.


It seems so obvious to me now, but it initially felt to me like an entirely new way of thinking. That realisation led to a profound moment of clarity for me, and I decided to put the same level of dedication I had put into the law towards finding the best tool to help unleash that beautiful untapped potential – the “butterfly” within, so to speak – residing within each human being.


This led me to RTT®. Having both done my research and personally experienced its transformative power  with results that continue to profoundly affect me today – there was no doubt in my mind. I signed up for and embarked on the extensive certification program, including training personally with Marisa Peer in the UK.


In my practice, I continue to be in awe of and profoundly inspired by the transformations I get to witness every day. I have now made it my mission to introduce RTT® to as many people as possible.


Of course, my journey of continuous growth and self-realisation does not end there. I am currently also – among others – busy writing a book, exploring Human Design (more on that to come) and, together with my husband, raising our two (pretty incredible, if I may say so myself) kiddos. I believe we are a sum of our experiences and I like to bring all that I have lived to the table in my practice and in my interactions with my clients.


In line with the mission I have just described, I would be most honoured to work with you.


Photo: Tina Krohn Photography

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